Young Ones One Show - Shortlist (2024)

The VTA turns stations into lounges, train cars into cozy cabins, and bus stations into oasis of pleasure throughout the city. 


Velveeta will greet Zillenials with a free trip on the VTA through limited edition subway cards. 

Velveeta will make the pleasures of home more outrageous with a Honey You're Home Kit with exclusive swag and Velveeta for dinner.

Art Direction POV:
This campaign capitalizes on the gooey and dripping nature of Velveeta and elevates it to a luxurious level from installation to OOH. Along with the campaign art direction, the case study art direction embraces a y2k digital aesthetic to give nod to the insight around work-life balance. 

The Cheesiest Team

AD: Regan O’Donnell
CW: Cameron Norman
Caitlin Kreinhedercakreinheder@gmail.comLinkedin7577193404