Laffy Taffy

Adobe Digital Edge Design Awards - Shortlist (2023)
Laffy Taffy is great with the taffy part, but not so great with the laffy part.

The guerilla poster and flyer approach to OOH matches Laffy Taffy’s brand tone and spontaneity.

Art Direction POV: This campaign brings a fresh perspective to Laffy Taffy’s wrapper shape and flavor colors that’s inspired by the use of light, color, and scale found in abstract art - an inspiration we don’t normally consider for the candy industry.  It also uses two playful type faces that are paired together to emphasize the lightheartedness of the brand and the dichotomy of the lines of copy.

Since Laffy Taffy is too busy making great taffy to make great jokes, they are going to outsource the jokes to a new Chief Joke Officer.

:30 Audio SpotsThe new Chief Joke Officer will be brainstorming new ways to create better Laffy Taffy jokes including hiring high quality voice actors, building a new AI generator, and even getting some of the target demographic (children) to write the jokes.

These will come to life in podcast, radio, and music apps.

Youtube Series: Try TO Laugh Challenge
Laffy Taffy fans can submit jokes that will be evaluated by Zach, and any jokes that make Zach laugh will be featured on Laffy Taffy wrappers.

Adobe Digital Edge Design Awards celebrate students who use Adobe Creative Cloud apps to elevate storytelling and create game-changing projects- 0% Laffy, 100% Taffy was named as a US Top 10 project in the business category.

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