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Dance & Choreography
20 years into my dance career and it is still my true creative passion. It has taught me how to work hard, push myself, and to enjoy the spotlight.  
UVA Dance Department Capstone Choreography - 2022
Lighting Designer: Jackson Key 
UVA Dance Department Capstone Performance/Pointe - 2022
Choreographer: Cordelaine Klyne

VCU Brandcenter- Dance Film to Spoken Word- 2022
Team: Emery Schindler & Cameron Norman
Academie de Ballet- A Storyland Christmas- 2018

Architecture Four years of architecture school later and I learned I loved creative problem solving, but hated code books and structural engineering.
Undergraduate Thesis- Making of Movement
A design-build research installation that explores intentional creative space through interdisciplinary creative research.

The geometric system for the installation was shaped by ballet phrases that were abstracted using body markers as key points in a 3D tracking system. 
From there the body movement is parametrized using a grasshopper script to create defining curves that outline the outer framing as well as the inner framing.

Parametric Forms developed were expanded upon in 3D studies through digital modeling, physical modeling, and the use of AR technology through the Microsoft Hololens.

The installation at full scale was a tensile relationship between the inner and outer frame systems- the outer framing is made out of conduit piping that was cut and bent to scaled lengths while the inner framing and support strings used masonry lines. These framing systems were highlighted by a colored lighting system that accentuated the movement within and along the frames.

This thesis was completed under the direction of Dr. Ehsan Baharlou for the ARCH 4020- Undergraduate Thesis requirement at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. The project was also made possible through the fabrication support provided by Melissa Goldman & Trevor Kemp of the UVA A-School Fabrication Lab and the financial support provided by the Student Council Arts Fund.
ARCH 3010- New York Design Studio/Trade School

Event Planning As an executive member of Lighting of the Lawn and president of the Architecture School Student Council, I planned events with over 15,000 attendees.
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