Brady Foundation - Team Enough
Richmond Ad Show - Gold Student Show - Advertising, Public Service (2024) | Live Client Pitch

Expose the Loophole
Team Enough will expose the #gunfluencer loophole through Digital OOH & Social that is so sensational it will gain virality and Gen-Z won’t be able to help but share it.

Join the FightGen-Z and Team Enough will bring the fight to Youtube through reporting, boycotts, and calling out brands that run pre-roll ads on #gunfluencer videos.

The campaign landing page will also give Gen-Z the ability the automate their boycotts via reminding and banning YouTube on Boycott days via screen time, and the ability to report Gunfluencers to YouTube.

Celebrate Real ChangeDisarm the Algorithm will deplatform #gunfluencers and put an end to the gun industry’s control of the conversation around guns online.
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CW: Jack Franco
ST: Ed Keithly / Chynna Napper
XD: Kevin Kelleher
CBM: Taylor Sarlo
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