Brandcenter Sprint Winner (2024) | Live Client  
March Madness isn’t just the story of one champion, it’s the story of 63 losers.
63 losers means a lot of grief, but
Popeyes know’s there’s no better pairing for the Five Stages of Grief than their Five Wing Sauces.

Popeyes’ wing sauces are each paired with a stage of grief and even a unique Poppy, Popeyes brand character.

Art Direction POV:  To create a consistent visual language each wing/stage was consistently paired with the same color story that was inspired by the existing Popeyes brand colors. We also expanded Popeyes illustrative style to include March Madness related elements.

TikTok Content

We tapped into native TikTok behaviors that complemented each wing flavor to create fun and engaging content. 

Comment Hacking
Popeyes will take advantage of key game moments through active comment hacking, which directs losing fans to the Popeyes account. 

Five Sauces Dance Challenge Can’t have a TikTok campaign without leveraging a dance challenge ;)   


Chicken Winners Team    

CW & Dance Talent : Jack Franco
XD & Chicken Illustrator: Hannah Kent
CBM & Tiktok Extraordinare: Ora-on Watanatham
ST/CBM & Chicken Whisperer: Max Warren 
AM & Deck Designer: Sarah Hardin

Many thanks to VCU Brandcenter & McKinney/Popeyes.
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