Live Client
Brand Identity created for a pitched sauce, Gala an Apple Cider Vinegar Glaze, as a part of the University of Richmond Benchtop Program.

Label & Brand Design 

Real life Product 

Team:XD: Hannah Kent
CW: Cameron Norman 
AD: Sarah Hardin

Fast Food From Home
What if Combination Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC’s brought their international menus to the US, targetting immigrants from those countries.


Team:AD: Carli Aldape
CW: Dipanshi Agarwal

Live Client

Brand Identity created for TORPEL- a startup venture in the UVA Darden i.lab that engineers high energy density battery technology.

Primary & Secondary Logo     


Brand Colors

XD: Hannah Kent
CW: Paris Cipollone

MotorCity Bakery

Brand Identity created for fictional bakery that draws on visuals from both parts of the identity. 

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